About Clinic Search Engine Optimization

by Drift Rank SEO

Project Details

Aboutclinic.com as a doctor’s directory approached Drift Rank SEO with an objective to increase organic traffic which can generate more sign ups of doctors in across fields, generate leads for their own medical services

The Challenge: 

To build organic strategy in order to increase the organic traffic & ranking of the selected landing pages of the portal.


Project Date1-Jan-2019
aboutclinic seo case study

How We Helped:

Website Audit: 

Drift Rank SEO conducted thorough SEO website audit which included every aspect of on-page optimization, off-page optimization & technical optimization.

Once the audit was done we were very clear that portal needs huge technical optimization fixes. Some of them were

Removal of Meta keywords:

Previous Error

Meta keywords Error

Corrected Version

Meta keywords Corrected

Duplicate content issue:

Duplicate content issue

Duplicate content issues

Implementation of rich snippet:

Implementation of rich snippet

Incorrect implementation of canonical tags

Incorrect implementation of canonical tags

Corrected Versions:

implementation of canonical tags corrected

Implementation of SSL certificate:

Previous Version

no ssl certificate

Correct Version

ssl implemented

Page Speed Improvement

Previous Version

Page Speed slow

Improved Version

Page Speed Improvement

Implementation of micro-data

Previous Version
Implementation of micro-data error

Corrected Version

Implementation of micro-data corrected

These were some of the core technical optimization fixes recommended & implemented.


Results Achieved

Overall Traffic Increase

Overall Traffic Increase start

Overall Traffic Increase end

In a span of 3 months overall traffic increased from 443 visitors weekly to 946 visitors which is 51% increase in the overall traffic

Organic Traffic Increase

Organic Traffic Increase

In a span of 3 months organic traffic increased from 260 visitors weekly to 642 visitors which is 60% increase in the overall traffic

Direct Traffic Increase

Direct Traffic Increase

In a span of 3 months Direct traffic increased from 119 visitors weekly to 297 visitors which is 60% increase in the overall traffic

Google Search Console Changes

Before Optimization

Google Search Console before optimization

After Optimization

Google Search Console after optimization


Before Optimization

After Optimization

External Links



Internal Links



Top Linking Sites





Overall Traffic Increase in 3 Months (Jan-2019 to March-2019)


From Week on Week

To Week on Week

% of  Increase in 3 Months

Overall Traffic




Organic Traffic




Direct Traffic