Secrets In Health Search Engine Optimization

by Drift Rank SEO

Project Detail as a health & beauty blog approached Drift Rank SEO with an objective of building sizable user base which can eventually generate revenue from affiliate marketing, banner advertising & more.

The Challenge: To build organic strategy in order to increase the organic traffic & ranking of the competitive keywords across health & beauty niche.
Project Date1 Oct 2017
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How We Helped:

Website Audit: Drift Rank SEO conducted thorough seo website audit which included every aspect of on-page optimization, off-page optimization & technical optimization. Once we’re clear about positives & negatives of the website. We started fixing issues & initiated optimizing.

Keyword Research & Content Suggestions: A thorough keyword research helped to know market of any given topic keeping in mind its competitiveness & efforts, time will be taken to rank those keywords. [read more=”Read more” less=””]

Once keywords were fixed Drift Rank SEO suggested on which content topics we should go ahead & start crafting our articles.

Onpage Optimization of Articles: Once articles are ready all the aspects from keyword density, url structure, header tags & so on were taken care off.

Tracking of keywords: As onpage was done we would track ranking of the keywords which would give us fair idea about how much & what activities of offpage needs to be done to push keywords to First Page.

Offpage Optimization: Taking base ranking after doing onpage of the keywords. Different activities where performed from outreach to infographics, forums posting, blog commenting & so on.

What Happened Next:
After considerable amount of offpage was done. We waited for indexing of all the links to see the effects of our efforts. [/read]



  • Within a span of six months, we saw 100% increase in the traffic.
  • Approximately 12 different landing page having above 1000 users.
  • Approximately 25-30 keywords ranging from high competition to long tail low competition keywords started ranking on first page.

Organic Traffic Growth by 102%

Direct Traffic Growth by 60%

25-30 High Competition kws on 1st page

Impressive Results

Organic Growth: Organic traffic from month which we started was 11136 users which went up to 23178 users in six months. Approximately 102% growth in organic traffic.

Direct traffic growth: Direct grow by 188.51% comparing start of the campaign to end of it.

Keywords Ranking: Approximately 25-30 keywords ranging from high competition to long tail low competition keywords started ranking on first page.