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Social media becomes the part of our daily life in the modern hectic world. Billions of people have been using social media sites that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other networks. Social media has also been the best tool for modern business to reach more clients other than options like search engine optimization. Social media agency in Mumbai add more value to businesses & help them to achieve their business goals rather than just posting randomly on their social media channels. Through analysis we understand your brand image & prepare proper plan for periodic posting which is engaging, sharable as well as meet the business goals. Read More

What is Our Approach as a Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai

Our approach lies in 5Ws. We believe in keeping things simple & ask below questions to ourselves.

  1. Why social media
  2. Which platform is suitable for your audiences
  3. What are you going to share
  4. Which platform are your going to share
  5. Finally, When are you going to share

Every business has their own goals pertaining to their interests. Generally social media goals are branding, traffic & leads. Any organisation can have one or more goals which are perfectly fine. We as a social media agency in Mumbai craft social media strategy in such a way that fits the organisation needs.

How we do

As mentioned above our strategy completely replies on 5Ws. First reason as a best social media agency in Mumbai is to identify why social media should be the ideal platform, whether Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn is suitable, what type of content is suitable for the selected platform, where content will be share with the targeted audiences & finally what will be the timings of content sharing. Why choose us as a social media marketing agency in Mumbai

  • We ensure you’ve collaborated social media presence relevant to your targeted audiences which helps in brand building & fetch sales.
  • In ever changing platform as social media, it is extremely important to create fresh, innovative & engaging content to keep audience engaged with the brand.Read More
  • Through our vast experience in different niches or industries we know what works & what not. So there is no scope of experimentation & find out what is working.

We as one of the best social media agency in Mumbai approach each client as our own step towards perfection which enables growth for both client as well as Drift Rank SEO as a company.

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  • Mr.Ashish Bedi played a key role in development optimization needs of the website. By virtue of his expertise and vast experience, has grown by leaps and bounds

    Hema Ghosh
  • Driftrankseo has helped us in website development . I liked the focus & commitment of the team. Team is extremely result oriented.

    dr.kedar ganla
    Dr. Kedar Ganla
    Founder of
  • Ashish Bedi has helped us in increasing quality leads. We’ve worked together for almost 4 years & that tells something about the quality of work.

    shiv kumar Mishra
    Shiv Kumar Mishra
    CEO of Shiv Holistic Yoga